Will expired nutrient agar still work?

Expired March 2020 (its SciChem nutrient agar), but its the only stuff we got...

Also, CLEAPSS states to use between 2.5-3 g per 100 ml of water, but the bottle also lacks any instructions itself.

3g just to be on the safe side?
I find it strange that they have expiry dates on chemicals. I ignore most of them. When I came here there were things on the shelf that were over 20 years old :shocked: Expiry dates didn't exist then so they were just used indefinitely. I did have a big clear out though :D
I think the only things I have come across that won't work after their expiry date are dried yeast and milk powder.


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Pretty sure it's in the CLEAPSS handbook somewhere that we need not pay attention to the expiry dates and those are more for industry people
As long as it looks in good condition and does what it's supposed to then carry on using it til the bottles done with
I have been using NA that is further OOD than that and it seems to work.
as for old chemicals, we have a bottle of iron oxide in a deposit bottle with a return value of 4d !
How old - who knows?