What is being a technician like from someone new today?

- How are you finding the role in general?
- How was your induction? Were you thrown in at the deep end? Was there a handover?
- Do you see yourself staying as a tech long term?
- What are your thoughts about the salary? Is teching your sole source of income?
- Why did you take on the role in the first place?
- Was the role what you expected?
- Dark, milk or white chocolate?
- Do you wear short or long sleeves? If long, are they rolled up? Provide exact details of your sleeve rolling technique.
been in the job 12 months now! no prior school-teching experience, but i had worked as a lab assistant in a reserch institute prior to this, and it's a very different beast.
  • character-building, that's for sure. the manic, over-booked periods contrasted with dead days of nothing is a unique kind of challenge, but I quite like the quiet time myself. colleague hates it, so to each their own. but overall, it's been hard, but rewarding. and has also taught me how to face a frustrated/panicked teacher without getting overwhelmed myself... yeah, it's been hard, haha.
  • what induction? haha. got a handover document with the padlock combo to the storage cupboard and that was about it. had to work out for myself how many pairs i was prepping for, how to log into the school syetems, what suppliers were used in the past, what practicals were still being done and which ones from the binder hadn't been done in years. speaking of the binder -- all student sheets! no tech notes!! what was I to do with that?! still gives me headaches.
  • no. I thought i'd do maybe two years when I started, and I've already booked in a meeting to tell my HOD i want to be gone by christmas. it's unfortunate, but life has interfered and I need to move ASAP. ergo, i need better pay.
  • salary is certainly not enough. never gotten my head around why we're considered PT when really we do the same number of hours as all the FT staff here. I get that they have 'out-of-hours' work they're expected to do, but really it feels like a school admitting they don't give the teachers enough marking & planning periods, if they consider all in-term hours to be less than full pay.... but yeah. pay isn't enough, it's my chief reason for quitting. a shame really; I rather like this job.
  • needed work! fresh biomedical sciences grad. nothing else in london was sticking. :(
  • not at all, there's tonnes more admin work than i expected. as far as the practical side goes, it's been about what I expected. less repetitive than an industry service lab, actually...! so that's been nice. and I have bucket-loads more independence than I ever expected.
- milk chocolate forever!!!
- full sleeves on a size small labcoat, rolled twice-over to a 2½ inch section. keeps the sleeve off my hands but falls just before my watch, hehe.