What have you done to your Preproom to make your life easier as a technician?

Sounds obvious, but I have come from a place that has different sized bungs on delivery tubing to gas syringe because all the conicals had different neck sizes!!!- had to allocate the right ones before sending out a class set..
Sooo much easier if all conicals have same neck size, so easy class sets of delivery tubing/gas syringes etc...
Have you ever noticed conical flask necks are not always perfectly round: and slightly oval.
You can discern this if you look carefully (100ml).
Important, when doing eg HCl/Mg rates/concentration and using gas syringes which must have a good seal to work properly.
Getting rid of broken items in order to clear space, in order to store new stock safely was the best thing I did. Still in the process of re-labelling Gratnell trays, emptying and washing grubby Gratnells, and sorting through things that had just been thrown into storage - lol! I got rid of all the "stuff" (broken, leaky, ancient fire hazards equipment. Some dated from the 60's) on top of cupboards and it's made the room so much lighter! Actually lovely being in my prep room now.
Im on my own in a pretty small space but we've only got 3 labs but it took my 3 solid weeks to organise things how I need them when I started! because we're small I prefer to break everything down and put away after each day/experiment is finished - It helps me know EXACTLY where everything is. I find labelling my trays a big help - even if it's labelled "random stuff" lol


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An air conditioning unit (no opening windows) to keep the chemicals cool......... it's always lovely and cool in my prep room, and keeps the teachers out who like to be warm constantly :cool:
We had the same problem for years, played holy hell trying to get air con

They cheaped out at the start of this year and bought us a medical fridge for the "flammables of concern" :(
Its not what I've done but is on the agenda should IT give in and finally get us a tablet.

My plan is to print QR codes that link to specific recipe sheets and Hazcards, I'll stick these to stock bottles, that way when I want the recipe fr a chemical I grab the tablet, scan the QR code and (if the browser remembers the CLEAPSS login details) I'll get straight in to the recipe card and away we go.
That's a great idea! we attach the recipe sheets link on lablogger to make it quicker to make a solution when we need it.