wanted, overhead projector.

Christine Broadbent

magic maiden
We are looking for an old type overhead projector to use with a ripple tank(from September).
Does anyone, by any chance have an old one, languishing in the back of a cupboard, which they no longer require. Willing to pay and collect (if local enough to West Yorkshire) or pay carriage if further afield. All spending has been stopped until September so sorry, wouldn't be able to pay until then.
We got all ours from other departments in our school. Whenever they have a clear out, one often turns up.
Might be worth asking if you haven't already?
more expensive gls

I'd get a desktop ripple tank and a visualizer,

if this is for the edexcel waves req prac just use the phet simulation.
We have some, plus replacement bulbs, which are used with ripple tanks. Trouble is we're in London and getting this lot to pay for postage is near impossible...