Vaccine reaction

What are everyone's experiences of reaction to vaccine ?
I had Pfizer. 1st one. In bed for a day very bad chills( ffffffreeeezing) temperature fluctuations, slightly achey.
Had 2nd on Sunday. Been off for 2 days, feels like flu. Glands up, sore skin, the lot. That or my sons beat me up during the night. Either or. ;)
A friend said it's put her off having it, but rather a few days discomfort than
who-knows-what reaction to Covid eh?!
Astra for me.
8 hours after dose 1: Very sudden onset of the shivers. Really severe, uncontrollable shivers. My temperature starts rising. My asthma is playing up a bit.
Overnight: Temperature kept rising. Sweating through the bedsheets. Still the shivers.
Next day: Arm hurts so badly I can barely move it. Temperature topped out at 39.5 Celsius at one point. Stayed well over 38 for the next couple of days though the shivers started to subside after day 2. Slept a lot. Bizarre fever dreams from here until my temperature cools.
The Monday after: My temperature finally drops but my jabbed arm still hurts and has no strength. Asthma playing up worse now. Feels like I have a chesty cold. Took a PCR test this day because I felt so bad we were worried I might have caught real COVID just before the jab. Luckily I hadn't and it was all side effects.
A few days after that: Back to work, having to take it easy but feeling good!

Still better than the COVID.

One of our LSAs can still barely walk/talk three months after the real deal because of how badly her lungs were damaged. She's basically in the state I was after my last bad black-mould-reaction, so I know that feeling. It hurts to breathe and takes conscious effort to draw air in. You barely sleep. You're constantly on the edge of oxygen deprivation. It's hellish. Except I was pretty sure I would recover within a week like I usually do after a bad asthmatic episode, we don't know when (if?) she's going to be herself again.

Tell your friend in no uncertain terms to get the jab, Jaytee!

(Getting dose 2 on the 23rd so shall report back then!)

karen b

I had Astra. First one left me feeling just grotty for a day. Headaches and very tired. I was glad I didn’t have to be in work.

The second one was fine. I went for a run the same day. I had a slightly sore arm the next day.
I had the Astra jab, no reaction for the first one, next one in a couple of weeks.

Colleagues have had the AZ and have had a day of with chills, headaches, general flu like symptoms. A colleague who has had covid was fine for the first, but had 2 days off with the second she felt like she had vertigo (she described it as like drinking a bottle of gin).
I've had my first of my Astra jabs. I was fine for the first 7 hours, then got bad chills and headache that lasted overnight (with attempts to sleep). By the morning my temperature felt a bit off but the aching had stopped and I was just tired. Hopefully my second isn't as bad, it's booked for half term!
Astra for me, 1st one couldn't get up the following day so tired, nasty headache/migraine that wouldnt shift for 48hrs, aching all over for 24hrs, and sore arm for around 5 days.
Had my 2nd one yesterday, certainly not as bad so far, just mild headache/dizzy points, feeling warm and tired.
Pfizer. Sore arms both times. Tired next day after first. Ached all over next day after the second - but nothing too bad - I was shopping in Cardiff - stooped over like a ninety year old arthritic.
Second Pfizer supposed to be worse for side effects, first Astra supposed to be worse than second.
Astra.....first dose not good great for 6 hours then hit by aches and fever ,went 24hrs later but the aches and exhaustion lasted a week
Husband had his at the same time.....nothing!!
31 year old son 24hr severe fever


I had my first dose of Moderna 10 days ago. Sore arm for a couple of days, but no other issues. Strangely my arm started feeling sore again yesterday for some reason and is a bit red and warm.
Astra - I had no reaction. Partner had a really sore arm for about a week, was headachy and felt like he had flu for a few days and seemed exhausted all week.
2nd one not until July, so will keep my fingers crossed I get no reaction again.
I've only had the first dose so far - AZ. I was fine except for feeling so tired I don't think I could have stayed awake even if someone had paid me good money to do so! Hoping the second one will be done soon. I don't care what the side effects are as they will be short lived hopefully. The alternative is unthinkable after watching Hospital on BBC2 last night :crying: Nobody is truly safe from the effects if the virus is caught so I'll take my chances with the vaccine.
I had my first dose of OAZ last Monday lunchtime. I was fine through the rest of the day, but I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday morning with a bad headache and a fever. I felt like I was on fire and was sweating a lot, but at the same time I was shivering. When I got up for work Tuesday morning though those symptoms had passed and I was just left very tired and with a headache. These slowly improved over the course of the day and after an early night on Tuesday I was back to normal by Wednesday.
Had first AZ 10 days ago. First 48 hours were rubbish - chills, temperature, no energy. Next 48 hours I was OK but tired easily. Weird thing was although my arm wasn't really sore I couldn't lift it and that took a bit to wear off. Still not 100% though. Glad I didn't get Covid if that's the vaccine TBH. It's not pleasant but could have been a lot worse.
Had my 2nd AZ last week. With both jabs, the next day I had a slight headache, that's all.
Had an antibodies test yesterday, none detected.
It's best to have your jab early in the week because if it makes you ill you can have time off school but if you have it on a Friday, say, it could mess your weekend up big time. ;)
It's best to have your jab early in the week because if it makes you ill you can have time off school but if you have it on a Friday, say, it could mess your weekend up big time. ;)

I've learned my lesson on that front and have rearranged things so that I will be having my second dose on a Sunday rather than a Friday like dose 1 or a Sat like original schedule. ;)
(JK, actual reason I rescheduled was because I didn't want to have a jab on my birthday lol)