Vaccination for those over 56

Aged 44 and booked mine this morning :D

I have n**dle phobia, autism and anxiety disorder plus the closest vaccine centre is 40 miles away so should be an interesting appointment on Friday but I'm not letting any of that put me off!
Another autistic needlephobe here. I was really impressed with how they handled things at the place I went to.
They let my flatmate come in with me for support, gave me an experienced nurse and the quietest corner to have my jab in and let me use my various pain coping strategies (chewing sweets, listening to loud music) with no pressure to be speedy! Then they let me rest and managed to get me talking about my animals (always calms me down) for a while until I was calm enough to walk out comfortably. ^^'

I'm not anxious about appointment 2 (late May) any more!
Needle phobia affects thousands of people along with arachnophobia. For a needle phobic having a vaccine or blood teat is like being put in a room full of spiders to an arachnophobe. Thankfully health care professionals are aware of how traumatic this can be for some people and are trained in dealing with this in a compassionate manner. It is great that we can support each other and share the love.
Managed to get my first dose of AZ a little early (still only 39) by happening to eat my dinner outside the vaccination centre in my local shopping centre. They pulled me in (still holding dinner) when they realised they had an extra shot left in the vial. Another guy was pulled in as someone had also failed to turn up for their appointment. This was during the holidays and I was warned of the side effects, but fortunately only had a sore arm for a few days and nothing else too noticeable. Second appointment now booked, having left it a few days to allow my details to get onto the system. All the staff very helpful, went through potential pitfalls etc and double checked I was ok with each bit before administering the jab.
Apparently the only appointments available are miles away from me at the minute. :( Going to wait a week or so and see if some appointments come up locally.
Same here. I'm pretty sure new appointments are released every day, so I'll try again tomorrow, and the next day etc.