Thinking of replacing all Pi Pump pipette fillers with rubber ones

Have used both. In my experience both are a pain once pupils get their hands on them as their prac skills are appalling. That’s no help I know but just to let you know there is no right decision. Just hope you have some extra cash next year to replace which ever you choose.
We have both, every year I have to explain the way to use them at least once, I actually prefer the simple bulb filler with the valve at the top that you cover with your thumb, followed by the ABC bulb ones, the PI type have things students can undo and lose but some teachers insist on them.
Rolly every time for me but we have gone down the route of 20ml syringes (for kids) with a bit of rubber tubing. Cheap, cheerful, reliable and easy to use.


Prefer the rolly ones, both to use, and the fact I have a pile of bulb ones with a ball bearing missing to get repaired or binned...
only this type that you sit on top and remove will meet british standards, or so we were told, got to use your finger.

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These look like the perfect replacement, and I'd love to get one foe the measuring we do in the prep lab, but they're so expensive.

  • By moving the thumb lever, pipettes from 0.1mL up to 100mL can be easily and accurately filled and emptied
Timstar did some which had a removable plastic valve in the top to make for easy cleaning when chemicals get sucked up. You play a little more but they make life so much easier.
It's gonna take a chunk out of the budget obviously but I don't like these fillers. What do you guys think?

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From my former experience as a technician, students do struggle with rubber pipette fillers due to having to learning what the buttons (valves) do. They are more inclined to over fill and suck the solution into the filter due to lack of technique.

The Azlon Bibbette Pipette Controller:
They do have a filter which can prevent overfilling. This is both good and bad. Yes it prevent damage to the filler however, the PTFE membrane filter will need replacement and honestly they are extremely expensive (£6 each)

Also there are Pi-branded fillers and generic “Pi” fillers. They look identical however, the branded version do preform much better.

If solutions have accidently been sucked into the filler, students should hand the filler to the teacher or technician for cleaning. The contaminated fillers should not be placed back in a storage drawer.
The fillers can be rinsed in pure water to remove any reagents that might affect the materials. Rubber bulb fillers should be allowed to dry fully open (i.e. not depressed as in the image).