Thermal Imaging Camera


Does anyone use a thermal imaging camera? We are looking for one that can be connected to the computer and show the live images. Thank you.
I use a FLIR one built into my phone and stream it, but they are available standalone and able to be connected. They also do the c range of IR cameras, which are intended for science education use... assuming plenty of available budget...
We have the FLIR C2 educational kit.
I've been interested in the ones you connect to a phone though, they're cheaper.
We have an old stand-alone FLIR camera which is mounted on a tripod and connects to the PC for live images. It can also be connected to the AV input of a large TV. It's an expensive option, but great in class or for Open Days and outreach events.

We also have a set of FLIR One cameras that attach to phones. You can get then for either Android or iPhone. The app is free. One of our teachers get the class to download the app to their phones, attach a camera and wander around the campus looking for interesting things to share back in class via snapshots of the IR image. They love it. I think most schools would just want just one or two of these that they can use on a staff tablet connected wirelessly to a display screen.

IR cameras are much cheaper than they used to be and get a lot of use here.
We have a FLIR camera with a built in screen, but no way of connecting to an external screen.
I have added a small car reversing camera using a couple of bosses and clamps.
We can now show the live image on our interactive boards.

Does anyone use a thermal imaging camera? We are looking for one that can be connected to the computer and show the live images. Thank you.
Yes! It's great for demoing stuff. I drop a 2 Kg steel ball onto the floor, you can see the impact heat. Use it to show transmission, Thermal IR won't go through glass but does go through a black bin bag. Stir hot water into cold water to show mixing. A blue Bunsen flame is good, rub different materials to show friction. Look at a loud speaker diaphragm, it heats up where it flexes. Heating a resistance wire. Place a hand on the back of a black card to show conduction. Hot water in a cup to show heating. As you can tell, I'm a bit of a fan! Ours, by the way is an Optris PI, it's quite an old model and gets into arguments with IT's upgrades ( who doesn't?) I know Flir are pretty good and certainly cheaper.
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Also, get a student to write their name on the bench with their finger, pressing hard. Friction heating shows up under IR. I use a space blanket and a black bin bag to show how they transmit IR differently (space blanket = cloak of invisibility to IR). Black and silver teapots side by side are another great thing to show on the IR camera.


We have a FLIR camera with its own screen. Thought we didn't have a way to connect to smartscreen, as not the correct connection, but thanks to Teams, we can connect to laptop as if its an external camera, and put it to the screen on that...
Tend to show leslie's cube, and air currents from draughts in the room..