The things teachers say...

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It's real Science not Rocket Science
Indeed. I work with some teachers who make me wonder how they manage to get up in the morning without a technician...
They're the ones with, servants, nannies, butlers, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, dog-walkers, chauffeurs and general all-round minions! :rolleyes:
The science staff loos are outside the KS3 prep room. I wish I had £1 for every time a teacher (usually a particular Biology teacher) said "there's no loo roll /soap/it's not flushing/the driers bust". I think they expect the tech to sort it out for them, I just give them the site managers email address. How do they manage at home?


I work with MarieW!
It's the request from other depts that amuse me. From art I've had "do you have any coloured pens?" and "have you got any glitter?" (both supplied ); from DT "have you got any balloons?" (supplied); from Food tech "have you got any hairbands?" (TWO supplied) and my personal favourite, from geography, history, English, Maths, you name it and ALWAYS sending the sweetest, most innocuous child to ask "Have you got any lined paper?"(yes thank you, *** off and buy your own!).

Of course it works both ways because I have free rein to rootle around in the art and textiles depts when in urgent need of some fabric or paint...

My other bugbear is a phonecall from reception "Hi, is *** there?"
"What do you need them for?"
"There's a parent on the phone"
"Which parent/what's it about?"
"I don't know..."

(I've had this conversation so often they do tend to remember to ask these days before calling us!)

Purple Cat

It's real Science not Rocket Science
I've had more than once "the display (TV screen connected to a PC) isn't working".
OK, which room / lab are you from?
What lesson are you in then?
English / French / Maths etc (anything except Science)
Get your teacher to phone / e-mail Networks.
But you're a Technician.
Yes I'm a Science Technician not I.T.
(If kid is persistent I then say "I don't fix computers and Networks don't supply practicals")
I'm also head of lighting for our stage (probably not for much longer)
I walked in this morning to one of the caretakers asking "How do we turn on the main lights in the hall?"
Turned out the Dance group who had used the hall on Sunday had turned off the main power isolator for the hall,
Sorted that, but left the lack of power on another circuit for fixing tonight, unfortunately discovered it affected the projectors 20mins before they were needed.
Or turning up before an exam after pen/ pencil/ ruler/ protractor/ set of compasses/ calculator (delete as applicable)
Same here - what's worse if you have a very senior teacher in your department who treats science equipment like their own thiefdom. Take stuff for themselves and volunteer all our equipment to other departments, even giving them access to the prep-room without telling you.

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Once a teacher told me they couldn't get a video to play in the days when you wheeled in the 'big telly' and video recorder. Instead of pressing play on the recorder, they were slapping the television screen where it displayed the word 'play.'

Maybe they thought it was a touch screen display?
Yes, but they want ice in the middle of Summer (that one week when the sun shines) then complain that:
1 the ice melted before I got round to using it.
2 I couldnt find the ice. I didnt think to look in the freezer.

Or Winter:
I want to do speed of sound in air on the school field, Do you think it will be too muddy?
We have a health centre, I requested all the Poly-igloos any medications or vaccines come in.