The science of Ice Cream

Thank you for this. I can't find any mention online when I google it. I see that it is something to do with Reading university.
Is it part of an 'engagement' project or something?


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I remember having a look at this back in 99
I must have flaked out on it though cos things were nuts at the time
Should be hundreds and thousands of interested people hopefully
These puns are getting wafer thing
Just feeling like a bit of a screwball today :p
Honestly, you lot should be ashamed of yourselves!
I come here hoping for interesting academic discourse about the production of frozen dairy produce but do I find any?!
Just hundreds and thousands of ice-cream puns!
Also my finely tuned "vaguely relevant John Finnemore sketch"-senses are tingling :p so here you go!

I used to be the lab manager in an ice cream factory - that was in my good old days spent in industry. Imagine warm chocolate dispensed into petri dishes, left to set and then eaten. All in the name of organoleptic analysis! :D:heart:
I made milkshakes and stuff. :laughing: