testing in schools

Using your phone which you will take home/place on your face when taking a phone call?

I would deffo be using a stopwat
The phone is touched with fresh gloves on to start and stop the timer before the sample is processed. Sample is then processed, area wiped and new gloves ready for the next one.

Sharon Elsdon

We didn't get any either, however, I was asked to get things for the, they know better than to just take stuff. The AP apologised to me this morning for the state of his lab after getting stuff out to use and not putting it back. I was impressed. I went in there and he had been frantically putting things away as he said I would not be happy :shocked:
How are you all disposing of the LFD and swabs etc. We have yellow plastic biohazard bins (60 L volume). With plain yellow plastic sacks in them.
The inner sacks are sealed and placed inside outer sacks for disposal. However our safety officer (SLT business manager -no science training). Cannot get the disposal people to decide if the outer sacks should be yellow and black tiger striped or yellow clinical waste bags. When he checked with the local council the reply was it is not recyclable so put it into black general waste sacks. He then checked with me and I advised him clinical waste sacks should be used.
We are using clear bags that were sent out with the test kits and yellow bags we have ordered ourselves for the LFTs, swabs and tissues as instructed in the guidance. our site manager is sorting out about collection but we are getting some giant bins to keep this separate from our general waste collection. They are classing it as 'healthcare waste' not clinical. Used PPE and cleaning materials going in striped 'tiger' bags
Anyone been asked to be involved in this?

I'm a bit late in replying but thought I would add my bit anyway. Yes I am involved in testing as are the other 2 techies. Since this new lockdown I have no practicals or demos to do as my department, Biology, are mainly working from home. Chem and Phys are doing some demos and showing the students via visualisers/teams. We are doing the testing for staff weekly (those who are in) and the sixth formers who are doing the Finance exam plus key worker kids - all other students are at home. We do it on the understanding that if we are needed in science that takes priority.
I was a bit apprehensive at first but the set up here is excellent and we have plenty of PPE. No positives found so far. I know the test has its limitations and is only as effective as the swab taken, but if it goes some way to help the current situation then I will help. It probably is a box ticking exercise from the Government and I would like to have a positive control to run as we are relying on the testing done in some lab somewhere. The tests we have also say they have only been tested on "frozen" samples so that's crazy for a start.
Does anyone have a downloadable poster with instructions for the student?
I looked everywhere for a simple one then cut and pasted my own together!! But apparently there is a downloadable one in the DFE guide for schools and colleges. I will try and find the link.
this is the the method i have come up with, it keeps the sample together untill you read the result, and the tubs are easy to sanitise at the end.


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no, using timers on our phones.
We just use the clock on the wall and write the time on the tests with a Sharpie!

We aren't able to log tests on the website as our log ins don't work and we can't get anyone to sort them out but 2 of us are able to do 70 tests in 3 hours easily. I was going to make racks using a hot glass rod through a take away box lid but then I found a section of trunking which I'll drill this weekend (thanks for that tip!) We simply log names against numbers and label tubes and tests with a Sharpie too. Tests are left to develop in a Gratnell tray and thrown away at the end of the day.

We've done 350 ish tests in the last 2 weeks and had 2 positives and no invalids. Has anyone else seen invalids?
If they ask me to 'volunteer' I will be refusing. I am in two vulnerable categories. With all the PPE and training in the world I do not want to get that close to a potential source of my death.
I wasn’t even asked, I attended the training and declined. No interest in putting myself at greater risk of getting Covid!
We aren't able to log tests on the website as our log ins don't work and we can't get anyone to sort them out
You need to be approved by whoever is in charge at your school probably Head, Bursar or SBM to register results (you need to leave the page open as well they wont see you)

Carol Taylor

I have been part of the testing team for a week now. The kids are a doddle, they just follow my instructions without a fuss. The adults are another matter, I'm glad I don't have to help them register. The biggest, baddest of the SLT are the most vocal with the retching and coughing prior to handing over the swab. One of them tested positive in my first shift and had been in contact with a number of staff and a pupil so they are now testing daily in school while he is at home. We don't have sufficient support staff to have a test assistant and a processor so it's just me and my mate doing both roles on the 2 bays we have open. On Friday there was just me and a queue. There was then a headteacher's edict saying all support staff must come into school and do their normal hours. We have been asked to clear up all the teaching rooms, change noticeboards and such like. Shocking when it's essential travel only. As I have to come in daily for my testing role it's not so bad for me. There's just been an email from a member of staff requesting that tests be started at 7.30 instead of 8, I'm not thrilled.