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Our next #TECHOGNITION event on the 10th March 2023 aims to be bigger and better than ever, with huge prizes and giveaways available for many of those taking part.

We will be posting out hundreds of posters and sticker packs before the event but we need your help in designing some slogans for our event stickers.

A simple phrase or a few short words works best and remember #TECHOGNITION is all about celebrating the work of ALL technicians in schools, not just science technicians so the slogans must apply equally to those working in science, D&T, art, music, drama, food and other areas.

Previous badges have used the slogans “Technically Invaluable” and “Technical Superheroes” so we are looking for something as succinct and catchy as these if possible.

Please post your entries below ON THIS THREAD ONLY.

Only entries posted on this particular here will be eligible for selection and the winners will be the first to receive the #TECHOGNITION poster and sticker pack. We might also throw in some goodies! We will announce the winners in the new year.

#TECHOGNITION 2023 is sponsored by UNISON, Philip Harris and SLS Select Education.
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Technically superhuman
Teching, so you don't have to
Please tech responsibly
Teching the biscuit
Eat, sleep, tech, repeat
Teching with the best of them
Feel the rainbow, tech the rainbow
Techs, looking good in goggles since 2017
  • Technician advice makes your lessons so nice!
  • Tech Support - not just IT
  • Technicians - we deliver!
  • Technicians, we know how & show how
  • I'm your Hi-Spec Tech
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Teching is putting someone else's needs before yours
A true tech isnt measured by the size of their lab coat but by the strength of their skills
how do you spell tech? you dont spell tech. You feel it
any day spent teching is my new favourite day
you are mad, bonkers off your head...but ill tell you a secret...some of the best techs are
good techs will help you until your unstuck
you've got a tech in me
think techy thoughts