Teams online social session for techs?

Morning all,

Had a little idea. I understand there are various pitfalls for this, but I thought it might be good for lone techs (like myself) who may not have any tech company in their place of work.

Would be great to maybe have a 'social meeting' session online (maybe through teams or something else?) as teachers get to have team meetings.

Could be something quick in a coffee/tea/lunch break? Would be great to see the personalities behind the supportive & informative messages I see on here.

Just a thought :)
I think it’s a great idea Jimbob. I’m not a lone tech but I feel isolated a lot of the time. Yesterday I took part in a Zoom call for local technicians and it really lifted my spirits.
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Zoom has been banned in my school because I've been told it violates GDPR. My terminal also has no camera or mic, so my interactions would be... just like this, but in real time.