Sudan iii

Hi All
Does anyone know how to make up Sudan iii we need it for food testing practical but i only have it in powder form. I can not find a recipe card for it in CLEAPSS, tried to make up a 1% solution to have a trial with it and its immiscible with water! Any clues? Ta muchly
I had to make this up a couple of years ago. Seem to remember it was made in ethanol. I've just found a very old lab manual and it says make a saturated solution in a 50/50 mix of 70% ethanol and acetone (propanone). Pretty sure we went with a 1% solution in 70% ethanol.
This is what I have:
Sudan III stain solution:
Dissolve 0.5 g of dye in 70 ml of ethanol and 30 ml of water, using a warm water bath, and filter. Ethanol is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE (see Hazcards 32 and 40). Label the solution HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Wear safety goggles to prepare.
Brilliant thanks guys! yes it would help if the stains could be searched for individually! Next question! In what quantities is it used?
I put out six little dropper bottles per class, they use very little. To stop it evaporating after a set of classes has done the practical I decant back the dropper bottles into a larger tightly lidded bottle and keep in the store in the dark till next required. It seems to last a long time like this. I have been putting out the same stuff for about 3 years so far from making about 200ml and it's working okay.