Strike Day shenanigans.

I've done lab checks. Now I'm 'busy' going through staff vacancies & trying, without success , to match advertised pay to NJC Outer London scales that the school uses.
New tech money is waaaay, off. Mine is short by £733pa. It doesn't look like I've had the adjustment for the new holiday allowance.
D&T tech has moved to senior tech but, again, pay doesn't match advert. or published scales.
I've tried making allowances for outer/inner London, different hours, holidays etc. Nope.
Think our HR uses beads & abacus to work it out.
I am so bored of the strike this afternoon I have just been constantly cleaning and adminning and using spreadsheets today and there's been NO practical and NO kids with random requests and NO first aid or anything with the slightest crumb of entertainment value, interest or novelty.
I've spring cleaned about 1/4 of the prep room, got bored and started sorting out the DofE expedition kit for next weekend instead :laughing:
My colleague and I spent the days sorting the rooms and preparing for BSW next week ( a bit late) Might also have eaten a couple of bags of cookies, but then again they might just have vanished on their own:mute::oops2: