Storing aliquoted Cyclohexane and cyclohexane mixtures

Oftentimes, I have to aliquot cyclohexane or use a mixture of it for chromatography solvents or identifying organics prac.

However, if I leave it in its new container for too long, it will start to develop a blue tint. I usually store it in a clear duran bottle so maybe I'm storing it in the wrong container?

Is there anyway to make it last longer outside its original container or a certain method of storing it that works best?
A GUESS? Long time since I have been asked for this.

Have you thought of freezing them. Cyclohexane freezes at approx 6 deg. The you can thaw them, but only once, and keep them at approx 4 deg.
Could the cyclohexane be leaching colour from the lid of the duran bottle? IME Duran bottle lids are blue, so that seems to be the logical source of blue colouration. Maybe bottle it up in a different type of bottle (or different lid) and see if you still get this blue colouration.
Yeah must be from the bottle. It makes sense as it's a good solvent. Couldn't some filter paper take it out anyway?
Almost certainly from the bottle. That style lid don't have the PTFE liners so shouldn't really be used for some chemicals. Aside from the colour leeching out those lids can become brittle and break.
If you have alot of time on your hands maybe distillation is the way to go? Idk if that's worth it in anyway but you'll look cool doing it.
Could you run it through some activated charcoal to remove the colour?