Starch solution

Paul Murphy

Hi All
Having made 2 litres of starch solution for a Year 10 class this morning we now find ourselves with all of it left.
Unfortunately the whole class has been sent home to isolate.
My question is, (and I've googled it too without any luck); Can the leftover solution be frozen for the next time or will the freezing process denature the starch in it?


It'll keep in the fridge for a while, so maybe leave it and see what state it's in when the group are back in?


Lvl 37 Alchemist
Two weeks in a sealed bottle in the fridge shouldn't do it any harm for when the class' isolation period is up
As it was only 20g of starch(?) is it worth keeping and risking it not working so well?
In a quiet time you could try the frozen. Really it's just time saving with most frozen solutions, however if you keep some distilled water ice ( labelled with volume) & some distilled in fridge, then starch would take but a minute to make! :)