Sorry I need to rant

I do love a 'fun' practical last minuteo_O. Had a making bath bombs once, went out and bought everything to find on the day that the students weren't actually in anymore, but no one had said, they got an email that night, to prevent them going mad on their last day.

Year 11 are finishing on the 24th, not had any requests yet, on training Monday and Tuesday (fingers crossed)
yeah, i can imagine, we have one guy who asks for all sorts of mad weird and random stuff, i tell him he will have to get it as i am not shoppijg in my time for his stuff Oddly enough, he never buys the stuff... funny that. :rolleyes:
I had one like that! Every Thursday he would order burning food for the following week and I would reply with "Yes, bring in food and I'll give you the rest of the equipment you need." Every week he would pop in on Monday to ask what food I had bought for him to burn.

Carol Taylor

That sounds ridiculous. They're not going to have any interest in doing anything like that.

Our year 11s leave tomorrow and it can't happen soon enough. All of their assessments are done now; we're just catching up those that missed any and half of them haven't turned up today anyway. I cannot imagine what it would be like if we kept them here longer. They've had enough now and keeping them here longer would just result in unnecessary disruption for everyone else with groups of them roaming the school and setting off the fire alarm.
We have had 2 fire hoaxes this week and expect that next week will be the same. The main hall has had to be locked as kids have been hiding on and under the stage. Year 11 finish next Friday, they have been having exams on alternate days since Easter and of course revising in the classes between exams. 12 science papers in all. Next week there are just some "catch-up" exams so we too are having "fun" experiments to entertain them. Loads of work for me because the other year groups are still making up for the year of no practical work by doing all the experiments Kerboodle provides. Just me here too.

Carol Taylor

We are now a "Cash less school". If things are to be bought then it comes out of my pocket (receipt's are given to finance and paid back into my account) or ordered on line. I have refused to do such a thing as teachers get paid a lot more than we do. I have even asked for a prepaid card...err no. I don't even know how much we have left in our budget. I won't know until after half term when I have to do the ordering for September. I honestly do love the job but there are days!!
Same here. I have a stack of receipts and a "petty cash" form ready to get the HOD's signature on. None of my lot buy stuff in their own time out of their own pockets.
Funny how the 'fun' practicals never make use of anything we have abundance of but instead always involve the expensive/rare chemicals and equipment in the department, or one off random stuff that someone has to run to the shop to get.

I have god's amount of starch, vaseline, copper sulphate and sodium carbonate in the stores if anyone has any practical suggestions that involve those! :p
And the stuff you haven't got (why not?) and they are always the messy ones
This reminded me of that one year (first year?) in my current school when I decorated a small Xmas tree and had it on my desk to cheer myself up.
Soon it became something that was requisitioned for Secret Santa...I was NOT happy about it <.<
If somebody touched my xmas tree - there would be blood!