Soldering iron or station recommendations?

I have this one.
I've tried a few over the years, but this seems a good compromise price wise.
Top Tip: Buy a few extra "bits" at the time. I had to chuck a (almost) perfectly good iron away because I couldnt get a replacement bit for it.
(I have a drawer of "bits" that dont fit)
This was my first station (Maplin branded) Did the job, but the holder was awful.

I also have a cheap and cheerful hot air station for SMD Surface Mount Device) repairs.

Nick Mitchener

Do you need a blower attachment or is that just for surface mount?
I think this is a filter and fan mounted on an anglepoise lamp stand. It is not dissimilar to my little bench unit. Other more expensive versions have the suction unit remote from the inlet that goes near the workspace. We have used my little bench unit as a dust extractor too when cleaning old clamps with a wire brush before replacing the cork.