Sodium thiosulphate

Nick Mitchener

My partner spilt vegan protein shake in his car, mint chocolate flavour, and now the smell is rancid. He tried bleach, and then an enzyme treatment but I think the residual bleacg stopped the enzyme.

I have suggested treating with Sodium Thiosulphate and trying enzyme again. It is quite cheap by the kilo but we don't want much. Is it a chemical kept in school stores? Do you think it might work?
Bet that smells nice.
I would refrain from using thiosulfate because it is a source of sulfur that bacteria can use, the byproduct of which is hydrogen sulfide which will make the situation far more smelly.
Hypochlorite (bleach) is far from stable, especially when dry and in a day or two it will have reduced to sodium chloride.
I found that sodium bicarbonate is a good treatment. Used it when a milkshake was spilt in my car! Best of luck!
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'Shake and vac'?????

Showing my age!
Oh I agree with shake and vac, its mostly bicarbonate but has been scented. Also try using some of the anti-bac aerosol.

I would spray it with anti-bac cover with shake and vac or bicarb for at least overnight maybe 3 days vacuum and spray it with anti-bac again.

In general bacteria will always make smells worse

Nick Mitchener

He is veggie, but advised by GP to avoid to avoid dairy because of his autoimmune disease, so we have a mix of veggie and vegan, sort of vegan plus honey and eggs.