SOAP solution

I am trying to get rid of some waste chemicals before the end of the year, I have inherited, from my predecessor 6 amber bottles labelled SOAP solution they have the carcinogen and flammable GHP labels on

They are not detergents added some water and given them a shake

Anyone got any ideas ??
How big are the bottles? Do the contents layer at all?
The carcinogen/flammable warnings make me think of solvent waste bottles (because I've just been dealing with 6 of my own.)
Soap solutions for hard water titrations are made up with ethanol - that will be the reason for the haz labels.

(0.5% soap flakes in 50% meths usually)

If you are trying to get rid of, it's quite good for getting pen marks off desks...
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It makes me giggle every time we do the stock check (it's not been used in the 11 years I've been here)!
I've done the stock check on ours just today and also had the annual giggle! Also not been used in donkey's years, but I haven't the heart to get rid!
I used to use it for water softener testing but then they changed to titrating with edta, ammonia buffer and Eriochrome Black as it was more accurate.