***Sleeve Rolling Championship*** Season 2: The Never-Ending Sleeve.

Ok, I will do one more story after this and call it a season. Please do not forget to like your favourite comments as those likes will translate to points. I have a really fun idea for season 3, but that will be in January.
Story 7 – Survival

Just another usual day at Sleeve Academy until you look outside the window and see a horde of zombies approaching the school. Strangely enough, nobody else has actually noticed this event occurring. As our friendly technicians run around screaming hysterically, SLMT approaches them to calm down and ask what the fuss is about. Out of breath, our technicians tell him that zombies are approaching and to run for his life.

The deputy head panics and puts an advert out for a zombie exterminator with previous experience to start as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the zombies have breached the perimeter and our technicians have been left trapped with the science teachers in the prep room. Nobody has been injured or infected so at least that is good news. There is no food supply other than the secret stash belonging to the technician and no clean water. But a room full of scientists should surely be able to purify the water using the distillation apparatus that is in the room? The Head of Chemistry confidently volunteers to set up the apparatus so that all may be relieved of water supply not being an issue.

To nobody’s surprise, the equipment been set up incorrectly. The Head of Chemistry had…

cross connected the wossname and the doofah with the thingymajig, which reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, causing a tidal wave of sticky sludge from the crude oil practical yesterday to coagulate with the blood from the heart dissection that seen at the Head of the Zombie Army was Chorizo. A zombified sausage which was monstrous but alas it could do the whole 'Thriller' dance routine like no other and cause severe food poisoning just by looking at you Three Zombies, or maybe site supervisors, who could really tell absolutely filthy jokes about certain SLT members, an example being the headmistress, the exam officer and a secretary went into the stockroom and the exam officer said to the secretary you may take up your pen and start you have precisely 1 hour to satisfy me...

So the secretary naturally asked how many marks the exam is out of to which the response was 69. The exam officer was being pleased as the secretary was focused 100% on the exam paper set only to realize that pages were missing. Naturally, both blamed the technician's inability to photocopy properly during an apocalyptic event and complained to the headmaster whilst he was having his eyeball chewed up by a ravaging zombie.

The headmaster's final words were "she's back....she...is....gaaaahhhhHHHH"

The end.


Labmom - 19
CovTech - 16
ljking91 - 9
Sci-nymph - 8
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Ok all, this will be the final story with Labmom in the lead, it's still anyone's game! Who will be the season 2 winner? Don't foget to like your favourite

Final Story - Hoc Est Iocus

Hoc Est Iocus is famous throughout the universe for being the perfect school. Every teacher is a nobel prize winner and that should say it all.
The science department has an unlimited budget and is equipped with the latest technology anyone could ever dream of. In fact, Area 51 employees have recently visited the premises to try and mimic their efficiency and technology.
The lone technician who works there has three nobel prizes in physics, chemistry and biology and was born with the unusal mutation of having 4 perfectly functioning arms which come in useful with carrying trays and multitasking. He also has eyes at the back of his head and a leg protruding from his back which can be used as a spare.
However, he isn't much of a conversationalist since he only knows one word since childbirth, that being "Yes". Despite this setback, he is extremely popular in the science department and loved by all staff.

The Area 51 Science Technician was amazed by the requisition system which was implemented by the technician at the school. It was otherworldly, yet simply spectacular and not like he had seen before. Up to this day, Area 51 has only used LabLogger but this has prompted a change.

The requisition system at Hoc Est Iocus consisted of...
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