***Sleeve Rolling Championship*** Season 2: The Never-Ending Sleeve.

Story 6 - The Hacker

Preproom.org has been hacked! The only thing we know for sure is that it is one of us.
Who could it be? Evidence points to…

Chantelle. Again. Pretending to be someone else, though... but who....? a disgruntled lab tech waiting for a large pay rise or kitty wearing a green melon, cheesed off with Chantelle or EmilTac, trying to put us of the scent of chocolate which seems to be distracting this investigation, yet the clues speak for themselves, rolled sleeves and lime-soaked fur after an escaped laboratory mouse accidentally infiltrated the production line and left a load of chocolate "raisins" in the mix which were added to the buffet for the SLT meeting. The head was impressed, making a mental note to reduce the catering budget... His mouth dropped open and he gave an 'outstanding' immediately. Meanwhile, having distracted everyone, the shady kitty continued his nefarious praying to the Gods that people realize his innocent nature. Who looks like butter wouldn't melt (on his paws) ever but that enigmatic smile meanwhile is a desperate one to keep the 10 word limit thus he recruited the mouse, resigned to whiskers and wine...

And resigned due to low pay. Meanwhile the website keeps having pop-ups of mature rated technician content such as naked flames, rubber tubes and vacuum pumps at heavily discounted prices. A vacuum pump for just £69 is absolutely disgusting! :mad:

Everyone wrongly blamed the innocent feline, but it was in fact Chantelle who tried to hack her way into existence as it was her only hope of ever re-existing. Sadly, that hope has been taken away and Chantelle has been banished by the very same people trying to bring her back. This was her last hope but the community has spoken and we must accept such a truth.

The End

(my tie break vote went to Covtech)

Labmom - 16
CovTech - 16
ljking91 - 9
Sci-nymph - 8
Story 7 – Survival

Just another usual day at Sleeve Academy until you look outside the window and see a horde of zombies approaching the school. Strangely enough, nobody else has actually noticed this event occurring. As our friendly technicians run around screaming hysterically, SLMT approaches them to calm down and ask what the fuss is about. Out of breath, our technicians tell him that zombies are approaching and to run for his life.

The deputy head panics and puts an advert out for a zombie exterminator with previous experience to start as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the zombies have breached the perimeter and our technicians have been left trapped with the science teachers in the prep room. Nobody has been injured or infected so at least that is good news. There is no food supply other than the secret stash belonging to the technician and no clean water. But a room full of scientists should surely be able to purify the water using the distillation apparatus that is in the room? The Head of Chemistry confidently volunteers to set up the apparatus so that all may be relieved of water supply not being an issue.

To nobody’s surprise, the equipment been set up incorrectly. The Head of Chemistry had…