***Sleeve Rolling Championship*** Season 2: The Never-Ending Sleeve.

Story 5 - The Interview

So many failed adverts, so few techs applying…

Until today, a glowing CV has just been received. Everything ticks off the person specification, a dream come true. Thank heavens, what a relief! The lead technician phones the candidate to invite her to the interview and how reassuring it was to speak with someone so gentle, eloquent and “normal” , which is always a good sign.

Interview day arrives and the candidate, Rollanda Sleevah, arrives promptly, smartly dressed and ready to be part of a great team at the outstanding rated Feelime Citrus Academy.

The lead technician warmly welcomes Ms Sleevah and escorts her to the science department. She asks if she could go to the loo shortly before the interview and of course this is not a problem.

“Aaaaaahhh help!”

A scream of terror emanated from the cubicle and the lead tech witnessed something just not ordinary. Rollanda has her foot stuck at the bottom of the toilet bowl, covered in excrement. With a bit of tugging, it comes lose and ignoring the ungodly foul stench the lead tech asks how it came about she got her foot stuck at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

Her response was…

I thought technicians were always knee deep in the s**t? So I thought I'd help this lot along its way due to the smell and my foot was further away was hardly going to use my arm now was I. "Was it your own?", asked the lead tech. Or was a teachers request, covered in 'other duties' per your contract? and this was definitely a big "duty" to get stuck Lead tech was annoyed as this is clearly their responsibility. Not more paperwork. I just want to be a technician. The reply was "complain about b***s**t", now you're in it. “You’re stuck?" she blanched. She would have to call ... ESTATES!!! An ethereal sleeve rolling kitty appeared calling 'Rolleth thy sleeves' Wearing a lime gourd in a jelly baby shape that had nothing do with any previous story or reference whatsoever to the girl that had been erased from everyone's memory. The one whose name is not to be mentioned anymore the mischievous ghost who lived in the toilet block meanwhile, had not finished wreaking havoc! Suddenly, the toilet's contents turned bright purple, a phenomenon easily explained by the fact someone had alkaline urine and dropped phenolphthalein down the toilet...

Nevertherless, everyone saw the funny side and whilst Rollanda's unique "flushing" method did not go down too well with the lead tech, it turned out that she still managed to get the job. This was shocking to literally everyone, but one person: the headmistress. It turned out the stuck turd was not Rollanda's afterall...

The End


Labmom - 16
CovTech - 13
ljking91 - 9
Sci-nymph - 8
Story 6 - The Hacker

Preproom.org has been hacked! The only thing we know for sure is that it is one of us.
Who could it be? Evidence points to…