Separating funnels - a rant

So, the only supplier that sells 50ml pear / conical shaped separating funnels with plastic taps at a reasonable price doesn't sell retort rings at all.

The supplier that does sell retort rings doesn't do one small enough to fit the funnels currently sold by supplier A.

The previous batch of funnels purchased from supplier A just about fit the rings from supplier B until you start using them and either the rings get warm or the funnels get cold and they fall out.

The plastic horseshoe funnel holders available from several other suppliers are too big for all the funnels.

As an aside, the older funnels have glass taps which stick unless you get them straight back as soon as they've finished the practical, dismantle the taps and soak them in water. Which never happens because Miss Chemistry likes to leave her trolley lurking in the corner of the lab for a few hours before returning it.

If they weren't so expensive I'd be tempted to just buy a whole new set of cylindrical ones with plastic taps, and tell them to clamp them ! (What I'll actually do is buy some metal rod and make some smaller rings myself, but why can't they just all make things that fit together ?!) :magician: