Scientific Fever Dream

So while I was in the middle of my post-vaccination fever, I had a dream that I think you will all appreciate...

Picture an office, with three or four workers at desks. They're all busily making things.
The things they are making look a bit like shiny green and black rose thorns, or witch's hats. Think crooked and evil/poisonous looking. As they make them they put them aside randomly around the office. They look VERY out of place and sinister.

A neat man in a bright white suit- obviously some kind of manager- walks in.

Manager: "Hello guys... hang on what are these?! This doesn't look right at all. Why have you done this?!"

It is at this point that I, watching this scene as if it's a full-screen TV show, realise that it is set inside my own body.

Worker [i.e. muscle cell], as if it's the most unremarkable thing in the world: "The RNA told us to make them."

Manager [i.e. white blood cell], apoplectic with sitcom-level outrage and incredulity: "What? You don't make things just because some random bit of RNA tells you to. For *censored* sake! What am I supposed to do with all these, now?! This is a major security breach!"

At this point I woke up because my flatmate had heard me giggling in my sleep, mistook it for sobbing and was checking if I was ok. :laughing::laughing::laughing: