Sad/bad news

Such sad news and such a shock to you Mike. He was helpful to me on many an occasion and his banter was certainly never dull!
Oh shit, it is quite clear we are talking about Armani George. :(

As shocked as I am to hear about this I will not express sadness. Somehow I dont think he would want that. He hung up his keyboard prematurely and trula laid to rest long before its time. :D:cool:
Oh, that is such sad and shocking news! May I express my deepest condolences to his family and friends! He was such a fountain of knowledge and a real character! I hope all who were close to him take comfort in the fact that he helped so many. I certainly valued the advice he has given me. RIP George, will try to use Sulfuric Acid in your memory from now on!!
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What a shock! I am really sorry to hear that. I found George's advice very valuable on several occasions. Sending my condolences to his family, friends and work colleagues.
Sad news indeed.
Please beware of "heartburn", "indigestion", "Sore shoulder or chest" when under stress. This is so frequently missed as signs of impending heart problems. I know from personal experience that what I thought of indigestion turned out to be angina. All Ok now and the event that made me go to hospital "Just in case" resulted in 2 stents to open clogged arteries. It was so subtle that the hospital weren't convinced, ECG ok and heart sounds ok. It was the troponin test that confirmed. Take care everyone, No job is worth risking your health for.
Upsetting news, I was only thinking last week we should do a bring back George campaign. He was very knowledgeable & helped so many on this forum. Sending you hugs Mike.:(
I've just seen this, :( I don't post a lot but I always appreciated reading Georges contributions. he will be greatly missed.

Carol Taylor

On Tuesday, I went into work to help George with some stuff like ordering, that he had had landed on him after I was made redundant. He said that the job was now causing him considerable stress due to expectations of picking up the SST stuff and a substantial workload now that he was sole technician. He said he had been suffering from heartburn for a day or so in anticipation of coming back in after the long weekend. We had a good chat and I urged him to seek medical attention.

Yesterday, he left early to go for a doctor's appointment. Unfortunately, some time that evening, he died suddenly.

George was probably the best technician I ever worked with and I know, despite him rubbing up quite a few people the wrong way, Preproom would have been a poorer place without him.

No doubt the funeral will be streamed online and I will provide a link here once I know the details.
Shocking news, I feel for you all.
Very sorry to hear this. I was just thinking about him before reading this as we were using the plant TLC solvent system he recommended today.
This has been such a shock to read, you just don't expect to hear it. This does raise the question of stress in the workplace and how little upper management see it, or refuse to act on it.