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GL343 – Guide to doing practical work in a partially reopened school – Science
Kids queuing up 2 m apart in a corridor won't happen for a start. Would make more sense to stick kids in a classroom and move the teachers around to them.

Doing practicals just isn't going to be practical for the foreseeable future.
Well there are required practical that need doing if they are going to run exams next year, but Class sizes are going to be the same in the whole school, they won't all fit.
I've just summarised the document for my lot with some of my thoughts. I'm 25 weeks pregnant, I doubt the school will let me go back, so any practical work will be very simple I think.

Also up here in northumberland we are in a fairly unique position, we are a high school not a secondary school we don't have any year 6's. So we are just getting a jumpstart on planning for the maybe return of yr10's and 12's.
Also up here in northumberland we are in a fairly unique position, we are a high school not a secondary school we don't have any year 6's. So we are just getting a jumpstart on planning for the maybe return of yr10's and 12's.
Are your 10s & 12s doing the work?
How unworkable is this!! Don't suppose we'll even be able to get Milton or PPE this side of Christmas.
I sometimes wonder if the people that come up with this type of guidance have ever met a group of teenagers in a school setting, pretty sure there is no way on earth social distancing is even a dream let alone a reality.

I believe the situation with Required Practicals is that the students need to have seen them, so demo's or on line would make a lot more sense for the time being. This is an unprecedented situation and surely allowances will need to be made for students not realistically being able to do practical work for some time.
I'm sure the primary kids in June will have no trouble with all this social distancing. :p
I sometimes think they have more sense. Teens go through the rebelious stage when no adult is to be believed, often alongside a stage when their brains cease rational thought :).
Are your 10s & 12s doing the work?

From the last science meeting I get the impression about 2/3 of yr 10 is engaging with online learning, with the 1/3 mainly made up of disadvantaged/pp students.

Not as worried about our yr 12, we only have a small cohort this year so it is easy to keep on top of them.
I spent sometime yesterday summarising the CLEAPSS document for the teachers and put a few of my thoughts into it about how we could apply it to the school.

I woke up to an arsey email asking how i thought this was safe and it was preposterous etc. After taking a few deep breaths i managed to reply without swearing and told her that this was just information and at no point did i tell her that she had to do practical work, but as we subscribe to CLEAPSS as our h&s advisors this is the level we have to work at.

I was quite proud of myself rbh.
I can't see any of it working. They want kids to queue up 2 meters apart outside the rooms, the corridors are less than 2m wide so if one person is queuing then no one will be able to go down the corridor to the other rooms. Also, classrooms are not big enough to allow 2m between each student, wouldn't they need around 8m2 each and that would only work if each person didn't move. If they did move there would then be less than 2m between then.

Then somehow the technician needs to have time between lessons to take out the equipment and put new equipment in for every student before the next lesson. So lessons would then need to be shorter or only at certain times to allow for the setup and clearing away. As well as placing googles in Milton to sterilized and air dry Ready for the next lesson.

Hold on I'll get my magic wand out and freeze time, that would just be as realistic as they guidance!
if you have fixed benches the numbers will be in the lower end from cleapss tweets, so my 30 seat lab will hold 8. and no IRM PPE no pracs (also from cleapss twitter)

Have told office they need ppe for first aid rota.

Think I will send it to the head.
had a look on the milton site covid-10 page,

Milton Sterilising Fluid and Tablets:
  • Fluid dilution : Use 2 capfuls (60 mL) in 1L of cold water
  • Tablets dilution : Use 2 tablets in 1L of cold water
  • Contact time on surfaces and by submerging > 15 minutes
this is not what it says on the packet which says 1 tablet in 5L water, I have asked cleapss about it.
gonna be a lot of tablets to make up a bucket full.

probably need one of these as well.
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Does anyone know if working strength Milton solution can be used more than once? i.e. class set of safety specs go in the solution at the end of P1, removed to rinse, dry, etc after 15mins or so, can the solution be re-used for another set (or maybe more) later that same day?