Recommendations for safety specs for primary

Good morning all
Does anyone have any recommendations for safety specs for primary children please? We have one set of these type specs that some of the smaller year 7s sometimes use but could do with another set. The thing is they're about 4 times the price of the standard safety specs (even though they're smaller)!
Any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you :)

We use these and have been happy with them.

We primarily keep them aside for use by the year 5 and 6 groups when they visit, but we do have some in general circulation for year 7s that need them. Our are about 6 years old now and they're still going strong with very few scratches or damaged ones.
Find out from your site team who they use for health and safety supplies as they can be cheaper than the science suppliers. When we got ours from Safetec they also gave us a discount if we purchased by the box so I think we ordered 200 pairs and got an extra 10% off. They were a lot cheaper back then though!