Rates of reaction

Hi All,

As we have no HCl at the moment (Supply issues:rolleyes:) I have been asked to find and alternative experiment to the classic Sodium thiosulfate and HCl rates of reaction using temperature.
Are there any other practical's that we could use instead?

Should work with any acid, you just need H+ to make it cloudy. try h2so4

You can make HCl by heating NaCl and bubbling it into water, or buy conc in a builders merchants.
Thanks for this. I'll be using H2So4. Our school is cashless and everything I order needs to go through "Finance" nightmare!!
Even works with vinegar, the one for cleaning, otherwise it will take ages.

Another low-budget rates experiment is effervescent tablets in water at different temperatures.
we use effervescent vit c tablets and diff temp water. time taken to collect 50ml of gas. Works a treat.