Problem with nylon rope trick

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We've been trying to do the nylon rope trick, nylon is produced but it won't form a long strand. It looks like the film layer is breaking into small chunks when we try to pull it out. Everything is fresh apart from the cyclohexane, which was an old but unopened bottle; apparently shelf life should not be an issue with it. I remade the solutions, this seemed to improve things a little but not to the point where a strand could be spooled. When tried with the same solutions the next day we were back to square one.

Any thoughts on this will be much appreciated.


Solution A: 2.2 g of 1,6-diaminohexane in 50 cm^3 of deionised water.
Solution B: 1.5 g of decanedioyl dichloride in 50 cm^3 of cyclohexane.

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I always buy this in ready made solutions from Breckland Scientific , I am sure you can purchase from other suppliers

1-6-Diaminohexane 5% Aqueous Solution - 250ml solution A

Sebacoyl Chloride 5% in Cyclohexane - 100ml Solution B

We then follow RSC method

Ours works perfectly everytime

Maybe one of your chemicals has been contaminated ?
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Haven't done this for years, but I seem to remember that everything had to be immaculately clean for it to work, so if one of your reagents is contaminated slightly that might cause it.
Thanks for all the help. I did notice that the cyclohexane solution had a lumpy deposit on the bottom of the bottle. I've made use new solutions increasing the concentrations, excellent result first time round, then back to 'normal', with the nylon layer looking like it's fragmenting. Only things left are getting new cyclohexane and checking the cleanliness of everything.

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