Powered secure Laptop Trolley

Hi all,

We have an empty laptop trolley. It is a twenty bay model of this one:

Secure laptop trolley.jpg
The thing is absolutely bombproof (and heavy!) and has outlasted the laptops that lived in it.
It is lockable and you can charge the laptops/tablets.

They're not cheap (new £1394!) but we would just be looking for a nominal amount so it goes to a good home. Obviously it would need to be collected (although we might be able to drop it off for costs if not too far).

If anyone is interested, get in touch.
Wow - that is so EXACTLY what we want, having just bought a load of laptops. We'd love it, but not sure how to collect it. Before I try and work this bit out though, can you be more precise on what 'a nominal amount' is?

Hi Elkie,

I'm in discussion with someone else about this but I'll message you with more details, in case that doesn't work out. :)