I just told the teacher who asked for pooters that CLEAPSS won't allow it. Same teacher asked for spirometer the previous week which I said no to. I'm not cleaning up anything that has been spat on by teachers or students.
I just tried that, she said she's getting kids to clean them after.
A temporary biology teacher here did dissecting locusts last year. I know they are just bugs but why kill them just to cut up and throw in a bin? (I had no part in buying or killing them)
That practical is in Edexcel A level. I hate it.
Update, we went out, we found exotic species such as ants, small spiders & a couple of snails to show 6th formers tomorrow as they won't know what they look like. It will be a wonderful teachable moment. :rolleyes:
The biology teacher loved it & was saying how we should take the kids out more as they were so well behaved.
No they weren't
No we shouldn't.
It was not fun.
Bah Humbug