New 2020/21 E-Catalogue and back to school offers worth £100 from S&C SciChem
New 2020/21 E-Catalogue and back to school offers worth £100 from S&C SciChem
New 2020/21 E-Catalogue and back to school offers worth £100 from S&C SciChem

Please take part in this quick poll about your current working status.

What is your current working status?

  • In work as normal

    Votes: 13 11.5%
  • Furloughed (independent school)

    Votes: 8 7.1%
  • Furloughed (Academy)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Working from home on full pay

    Votes: 18 15.9%
  • At home on full pay, not working

    Votes: 6 5.3%
  • In work, but limited times/days

    Votes: 60 53.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 7.1%

  • Total voters


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Just to gauge what our members are currently doing I thought we would run a quick poll asking what your current working status is.

Thanks for taking part.
I'm 'other' as I've not been asked to come in - but I'm doing at least three days of my choice. When at home I'm working on computer/paperwork. Paid - academy.
I have put other because I have been put on the rota for one day a week supervising the children of key workers, and the vulnerable children. I havent been asked to go in science but I am doing one day week just to keep on top of things. The rest of the time I am working from home,doing CPD courses and science paperwork. We have three zoom meetings a week.
I've put 'in work limited times and days' - it's kind of my choice though, so maybe I should have clicked 'other'.

These conversations are at approximately weekly intervals !
  • HOD asked us to come in sometimes
  • then said we didn't have to if we didn't want to
  • then said it would be useful if we did
  • (a couple of weeks later) asked us to prepare pracs for Y12 contact days
  • SLT said we weren't allowed to do pracs
  • HOD read the CLEAPSS guidance and said maybe we shouldn't be coming in just to do tidying, what did we think :rolleyes:
  • We're still coming in !

We've been coming in one day a week each since mid May, to do some of the summer term tidying, counting equipment and restocking. The rest of the time we do admin jobs as home as we're given them; but it's not enough to fill our normal working hours. JFK tech No2 has also been on the 'babysitting' rota approx once a week.

Paul Murphy

I've just come back into school Thursday of this week. I will now be in all week but hours reduced. Prior to that I was on full pay working from home.
I go in two days a week to sort out labs, chemicals and do the many jobs I do not usually have time for. When at home I work a few hours in the morning doing science paperwork, signed up for lablogger and have joined a few CPD courses. Paid, Academy.
I'm in school one afternoon a week with the key worker students and have been going in to do specific jobs such as checking the radioactive sources and the leak test was then done by the RPS.
Voted "Other" as don't quite fit any of the other options...!

For the first 3 weeks of lockdown we were told we couldn't be on site at all - then this eased a little so we were in an average of 2-3 days per week (our choice - we didn't have to come in at all!), the rest being working from home - but we had to check with SLT, HoD and HR if we were ok to come in. Now, the official school instruction to all staff is "work from home if possible", but now we can be on site whenever we choose without having to ask in advance. Been in every day this week to sort deliveries, tidy labs, equipment checks etc ready for September, but have the choice to work from home whenever we like (we just do admin tasks, review SoW, neaten things up etc at home - and we're not likely to run out of tasks in the near future as we have a huge backlog due to understaffing!)
I was "working from home" until the 8th June. I didn't really have much to do. Then the head said I had to come back to work "as normal" so have been trying to stretch out the relatively small list of jobs I've been given to do over the 7 weeks until summer. Quite boring as I'm a lone tech and there's quite a few things that would be useful to do but aren't really safe to be doing alone when no one else is around in the department,
I was working from home (setting up simulations, finding online stuff etc) until the 15th and I've been coming in ever since, sorting out stuff that should've been done before I arrived five years ago but never was. Got plenty to occupy me until September. I am on limited hours as the HoD isn't all that happy about anyone travelling during rush-hour and Estates want everyone out early so they don't have to stay until five.
I've been working from home (mainly online CPD) since 23 March but was told to return this week. There will be no practicals at least until the end of September. My task this week has been to declutter & remove equipment from 7 labs which I have done along with an online CPD course and staff training ready for reopening. From now on I will be having a good sort out & general throw away of stuff along with a few other online CPD courses until the end of term. I will have to risk assess as I go along which days I come in according to how many pupils are in our zone. No idea what September will bring.
I was helping with our rota for manning reception which was an exciting time! Now I'm in every day but fewer hours, I'm making sure our year 10's get in safely and supervising them at lunchtime but otherwise I can get on with whatever I want - which is so helpful. I'm getting jobs done that have been waiting for years!
Sent home told by HOD I didn't have to do anything.

SLT expected to fill out a weekly tracker of job I'm doing, end of week summary of what's done

IT decided I wasn't important enough to have remote access so removed it! Told HOD I now had limited jobs to do, IT refused to reinstate. 4 weeks later email to HR to respond to Covid questions health etc, mentioned lack of IT, reinstated within a few hours - HR didn't like the thought I was being paid for doing nothing.

Worked on a few projects but limited in what we can do [I did bring some paperwork home with me all completed] Enrolled on two STEM courses much better than the Futurelearn ones I did, felt more productive. Booked next week off with lieu time owed,.
Quite busy this week getting all my tasks done before the end of term on the 16th July.
I was working 3 mornings a week- keeping everything on tick over- (my geraniums have never looked better) but I was told that now I have to come in full time for the next 3 weeks. I only work TTO+5 days so that is not going to be fun.
AND an email this morning ALL staff to return to work Wed 8th to Fri 10th July [booked lieu time for that week] teaching staff finish on the 10th and support staff are to also attend Tue 14th till Thur 16th July when we officially finish. To meet teams - well that's just me then as all teachers finished, complete admin tasks, erm that's what I've been doing that at home since middle of March!!


There's a rumour that STEM technicians here will be returning to normal working next Monday. Awaiting official confirmation...
I'm supposed to be working from home but there is a limit to what you can do. Plus due to a new roof being put on in the science block we can't go in as the ceiling is being held up by pit props!