Please report any spam to us


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We've had a few new user registrations recently that are linked to spam accounts. Nothing serious - your details are safe, just automated bots trying to paste their URLs on forums such as this in order to improve their Google ranking.

If you receive any dodgy looking private messages on here or notice that a user is pasting random URLs in their profiles, let us know as soon as possible and we will remove them and ban their IP address.

This forum remains secure and these automated spam bots are more of a irritation than anything that would be a security threat.

Many thanks,
The Team.

karen b

Thanks for reporting. One report is fine, I then get a notification and have a look at what delights they've posted this time! :rolleyes:

That's what I thought, but it depends on the software (or perhaps the admin!) as one forum I used only deleted the reported post rather than the account