Our Toast (named after she was rescued smelling of fire by the vets) in her favourite place when I get home from work. My daughters cat helping her with the jigsaw and my sons cat helping him with the washing.
Of course the orange one is in the washing machine :laughing: They're all beautiful! :love:
Just out of interest, I have a tortoise, does anyone else have one?
I have a torte. He came as a pair who fought so badly we split them up. My son has one and I have the other, They were both really badly looked after by their previous owner, and so have malformed beaks. My sons was so bad that he became trapped in his shell by it. They are slowly becoming better, but a long way to go. They are living up to their names.. Thor bangs around his enclosure, and Loki is just a mischief maker! Can't wait for the summer to get him in the garden again.


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