PAG 6.1 using amino acids

Hi guys, just done PAG 6.1 and the chromatography solution instructions they are using seems to be asking for 3cm of solution which is a lot I think they could get away with a lot less. Who has done this and how much is enough in the gas jar?
We don't do that exact experiment, we have a mixture of amino acids that we make ourselves and let the student have some samples ready to spot onto a a sheet of chromatography paper.

We use 1.5cm depth but getting the solvent to go beyond much more than half way up the page takes a long time.
We only keep them in the tanks about and hour and a half, we still get separation but maybe a little squashed. I may try a deeper depth see if that helps.


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If you can use less and still keep the atmosphere inside saturated with the solvent then go for it I say - that'll depend on the size of your jars
Always better to use less for RA and cost reasons