Outdoor space

Has anyone got outdoor space that they can use ( away from kids) for lunch etc in nicer weather?
We have a nice garden area but it's constantly used by classes or kids on break.
We tried to make an area out the back of building, but there is a skip nearby & the site staff don't clear all the rubbish that accumulates there, so it was a rat playground.
Seems unfair to me that the smokers have had a patio built with fencing, seating & a shelter, & the non smoking majority have nothing for their legitimate lunch break.
Anyone had this sorted? Ideas please.
I'm blessed with a park that's literally on our doorstep. I took full advantage today :D
we have a lake , forest & park very near ( 5 mins, if we could exit by rear of school) , but with half an hour lunch, by the time we get out of the school, ( a feat in itself) & walk there it's nearly time to walk back :(
we have a terrace just outside the prep room. its surrounded by corridors where students can see so but not get to us. Not very private but its nice to get outside what we can
At break we can as we have break before the kids. At lunch we could go for a walk on the fields - owned by the school but leased to a farmer - but only in dry weather as they’re very muddy!
We have a park too - it occasionally appears on the bbc due to the number of stabbings, but it does look good in the sunshine...
I know this park - I used to work in a school very close by .. as a first aider , I was summoned by out of breath pupils - in the days before mobiles - to administer help to a pupil who had been stabbed , I was also panting when I arrived - thank god it was a flesh wound and didnt require CPR ....

Oh the fun I've had as a school tech.......