Oscilloscope GOS-625G x 4

Do they work with a Microphone and if so what type of Microphone is best to use with this model?

If your microphone has an XLR (male) connection, which is usually the standard for microphones, then you'll need something like this lead and an adapter to plug it into your oscilloscope.

XLR 3 Pin Socket to Single RCA Phono Plug OFC Audio Cable 3m

4 x Phono F to BNC M RCA socket to BNC Plug adaptor converters.

If you're looking for good quality microphones at a decent price, I'd recommend the Shure SV100, it's robust, not like these plastic karaoke mics a lot of us end up with.

https://www.studiospares.com/search.aspx?eaSearch=Shure sv100

I bought all of this stuff 5 years ago and it's all still going strong.
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