Only one applicant!

Nick Mitchener

I hadn't been in a school apart from night classes for 37 years when I became a Physics technician. I knew nothing about Key Stages so took me a while to know what KS3/4/5 meant. I only had A levels as qualifications and had no idea where any certificates might be.

I had cut my CV down as I kept being told I was too qualified for the jobs I was going for. (I think by that they thought that a former CEO would be difficult to manage)

I was fortunate that the Sen Tech read through my application even though it had been rejected by whoever was vetting them and insisted I was interviewed. As a result I got the job.

I think it would be foolish to reject somebody without direct experience, the job can be taught, the aptitude cannot.
We have taken on an appretice in September. Theyre keen, resourful and starting to love the job.
Theyre were supposed to start the college bit in September but now the school has been told that the course has been cancelled!
Theyre were distraut when we broke the news.
The nearest one is approx 20 miles away. Fortantley we have found one on line that appears to be tailored to their needs.
Intresting as the ASE and other assosiated "Quangoes" are trying to get "new blood" into the school technician system and we find this happens!
Hate to think what it will be like in 8-10 years time when i hang the labcoat up!
I think TTO tech jobs / support staff jobs are attractive to parents of school age children, dare I say it probably mostly women, and regardless of our qualifications or how much value added we bring to the job we are still paid pretty pathetically. Unfortunately I think there's a culture generally that you'll get your income topped up by tax credits / universal credit - so what's the problem! A friend of mine actually had that said to her when she asked for a pay rise (not in a school).