ofsted group size?

has anyone had any feedback from ofsted about the group sizes for practical's I always thought it was recommened as 3 per groups via cleapss but my HOD seems to think there might have been some issues with other schools. was just asking in case anyone had heard anything?
I've not heard anything. We do groups of three here for KS3 and KS4 then individual or pairs for sixth form. That's mostly due to space in the labs and limited equipment availability.
We used to do pairs for KS3 & 4 and individual sets for KS5, but then a tech left and they weren't replaced.... we were quite clear that things couldn't continue that way if there was such a reduction in tech hours. Now it's pairs for KS5 and 3's for KS3 & 4 (unless the groups are really small ie. 12 or fewer, then it's pairs again). If they want more sets, we need more techs...... simples.... No mention of it during our last inspection, but that was some time ago and the Ofsted guidance could've changed since then I guess.... :rolleyes:


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Nothing from OFSTED but the JCQ required prac inspection always says our KS5 classes are too big
Cheers, I am by myself so it is a bit tight, i cant find where i saw groups of threes i think it was maybe covid related. some of our rooms are tiny too. Ill see what i can manage but i think they might have been working in groups of 5s which is by far too many.