new supplier?

Is it literally just those 6 physics demo kits?
Seems like an.... interesting business model

Ok glad it wasn't just me, I thought I was missing something....

My blunt thoughts:

- VERY expensive.
- They look flimsy and easily breakable. For the cost, I am expecting a boutique/luxury type product that looks the part.
- Can get a decent DT technician (or anyone good at woodworking) to do it for a fraction of the cost. Could even get DT students to do it...

I read the about us section and I am genuinely confused:

"While working as a teacher I’ve sometimes found it difficult to find certain items, been stunned by the cost of a class set of kit and I’ve often been disappointed by products that were unnecessarily complicated, overly fragile or just a pain to use, set up or store."

All the stuff he's selling can be bought from suppliers for cheaper or very easily made in school (by technicians ironically enough) as mentioned. He mentions the cost of equipment being an issue, yet charging a fortune...
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The simplest way to order is to place items into the basket, go to the checkout and then use a credit or debit card to pay for the items.

The person who handles your ordering may frown at this method but most schools have that capacity when needed.

In a pinch you might consider ordering the product yourself and then reclaiming the money from your school.

This is the ordering info. I love the 'In a pinch' part of this. FFS. Its a push to buy washing up liquid!!
That was my thought exactly. Then read above comments saying someone purchased gloves and a heating mantle? Maybe the gloves were aesthetically knitted in beige wool from the mountains of an eco commune and the mantle a mini Aga?
i think they got confused with another supplier..
Hopefully this is a one man show and the guy is doing it as a hobby/extra job...
was looking at the resistance of the wires ones