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Just to say hi.
been in this job 3 years, mainly in higher from chem and lower from integrated science.
May i ask if i want to be a Science Technicians in uk what qualifications i need?
Hi Sing, welcome to the forums. There is not really a standard qualification for UK lab technicians, it very much depends on the individual school or college. Some places will accept applicants with just GCSEs, particularly for junior posts, others will want A levels or equivalents or even a degree or equivalent technical qualification. Experience is often required as well, so three years as a technician is not a bad start. I'm sure that other more knowledgeable technicians will be able to add more.
Hi Sing and welcome... I came into the job from working in R&D and quality control - I've no formal 'science' qualifications - just a lot of experience. I've worked as a school tech for about 14 years.
Hi Sing,
My background is in Pharmaceuticals QC R&D and manufacturing. Now a senior tech a its a better work/life balance as I have three children. I have a HNC in Pharmaceutical Science, GCSE's in Science and a GNVQ in Lab Techniques. I've been a tech / senior tech for 9 years in 2 grammar schools and 1 secondary school.
For a lab tech I would look for a minimum of GCSE's in science (c & above) and some practical experience which can either be in industry or schools, for a senior I would want higher qualifications and a considerable experience (5yrs+) in a school environment.
I prefer to have a technician for each discipline if staffing allows.
Above all else my must have traits are common sense, organisational skills and good communication skills :laughing:

Hope this helps :)


I started doing it as an apprenticeship(which means learning and working at the same time) I only have my GCSES & A Level (Level 3) and came out with a Level 3 course while doing the apprenticeship. I hope this helps!

But I have seen its different per ad, I also had some experience from Work Experience and a wonderful reference from my old form tutor who I had for science and told me I would make a great science tech!