Mitosis in garlic root tips

Did you grow them at 20 degrees? Only saying that because i grow them in my incubator at cold times of the year. I also sometimes buy a bulb a long time ahead and wait for it to start sending up the green shoot while in the fridge. I find that then it is ready to root.
other than that i buy loads of bulbs and set them all going in the vain hope i will get enough roots. Such a pain though!
Just in the prep room. the window ledge is right above the radiator so should have been warm enough. I've done it before in exactly the same way and its worked fine, just not this year for some reason!
Never had a problem with garlic, I don't even scrape the bottom, plenty growth at three days. I haven't tried myself but I believe the roots on the spider plant babies are very good
We have used onion,red or white, it doesn't matter and get good growth,good cells and only took a few days to get adequate roots. I didn't have much luck with garlic either.

I have not done the experiment using garlic roots to see mitosis. I have the garlic cloves suspended in water for the roots to grow. The instructions I have been given is to use Acetic Alcohol. What is this?

Also, to use Lacto-propionic orcein stain, another method has Toulidine Blue. Unfortunately I don't have either of these. Have you guys found anything else that works?

Any help/advice would be great.

Thank You
We always follow this, works well