Minimum water bath temp for Benedicts test?

Morning x

Sorry if this might be a bit of a silly technical question (although I do appreciate there are some of you here that know this/may have pondered this), but what is the minimum temperature of a water bath required to do the Benedicts test?

I ask this as the teacher wants to do a demo this in a normal classroom at the other end of the school.

Thank you x


An ex-teacher of mine always used to have a water bath at 55 degrees because it was beneath scald temperature and she always got fine results. Maybe just give them a kettle, some cold water and a thermometer.
We always use kettles so temp is going to be at least 80 - 5 mins should be plenty of time. If concentrations of reducing sugar are low then I think you might not get a positive test at lower temps. Gave up on using Bunsen's for water baths as we often have ethanol out at the same time for food tests and why wouldn't you go for the safest option?