Microscope Servicing Suggestions

In the past we have always used C and D Micro in Tring but we are unable to get hold of them so think they may have gone out of business. Does anyone have any recommendations of companies who will come to the school (Berkshire) and service all our microscopes?
Last time the Sci Chem rep came here she was trying to persuade us to get their person to service ours - I can't remember the details but you could contact them and ask.

We do ours ourselves too though.
Like several others have said, ours are done in-house by yours truly!!!.

Most of the time, all they need is a good wipe over and "tweak", but I was really chuffed with myself during the lockdown in January, as I tackled 4 microscopes which had been sitting on my side bench for about 2yrs awaiting attention. They were completely jammed up and unusable, but I took them apart and got them working again. It was good to have the time available while there were no students in school, and felt a real achievement.

There is a CLEAPSS microscope maintenance course which is worth doing when face-to-face training can happen again, and will save your school a lot of money in the long term :)
I just asked the biology technician here, she uses; J Smith & Sons, 3 Aldgate Close, Bedfordshire, SG19 2RU, Tel: 01767260295
I perform a 'mini service' each year and then get JB Microscopes every three years for a full service. I've been on the CLEAPSS course and it's great but the JB Microscopes technician has years of experience and know every trick in the book and so everything works so much better after they have been. They take away any major casualties to their workshop but most repairs are performed on the day. I cannot recommend them enough.