Microscope parts

Anyone know of a supplier of screws and parts for BMS microscopes, just found one of the thumb screws missing from the stage assembly.
See if you can find out what type of thread the hole is maybe use ordnary bolts or machine screws of known size then search online for something like Knurled head machine screw say M6 !!!!!
Most likely you need M2 x 6mm knurled thumb screws.

My supplier is ZhongFa Precision Metal Store

www.aliexpress.com item# 1005001491674957

Also available from Ebay as item# 541393437186

If you were in Australia I would simply pop two in an envelope to you !
Yes, no reply from scichem so far, BMSmicroscopes said

For the stage you need: M3x8mm

For the eyepiece: is art. 90100FL0T18 (from BMS). You can find it here:
I found an M3 and cut it down, so it's sort of fixed.

[also found a grub screw on an eyepiece missing.]