Making transformers


Has anyone made transformers? We were looking to buy a set but none of them actually show the turns etc, so we was thinking about making them is it easy? anyone have a set of instructions or advise? Thank you.
Have you got them very heavy trays of them old black U shapes and coils what fit on to them and hold together with the big C clips thus making transformers.

Or get from your Techy Dept an offcut of square tubing, wrap two sides in insulation tape, wind insulated wire to form (x) number of coils on one side and (xx) or (x) number of coils on t'other side and Robert is your fathers brother, feed in low voltage to one side and measure output volts on t'other side.

Nick Mitchener

C cores and clips are about £30 a set last I looked, we have a class set but rarely used. They used to wind their own but we have prewound as well.

Although transformers are in the GCSE spec nobody makes them any more.