LogIt black boxes

Hi all, we have a few of these along with various sensors.

On the SensorLab software, in the right hand pane there's an option for oscilloscope.

However this is 'greyed out', if you hover over it a small dialogue box appears stating you need and 'analogue sensor'.

Long story short, what sensor adapter do I need to use the black box and software to display waveforms as per a CRO.

I don't tend to use the Black boxes very often, I usually use the Observer logger but I just tried ours out to see what you mean.

When I plug in the black box, the Oscilloscope also says 'requires analogue sensor' but it isn't greyed out like yours.

If I try to open it with no sensor attached, it says 'no suitable sensor connected'.

If I connect a sound wave sensor, it works.


One thing to check, do you have the 'Sensor Lab Plus' version of the software? (It will say in the top left, like this)

Sensor lab.png

I have found that the 'Vanilla' version has limited functionality, so that might be why it is greyed out?

I would say that their tech support is very good, give them an email:
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The Observer does but I don't think the Black Box does, (except when using the software on a PC/Laptop, which will store it.)