LogIT Black Box data loggers plus sensors

We have 6 data loggers spare which we would like to sell. They were bought in case the ones we have needed replenishment but the black box loggers have proved to be rugged and not one has failed so far.
This set is similar to what we have:
Each kit would contain a black box logger, USB cable to connect to a PC (usefully they don't need a power adaptor), a HiTemp sensor (-10 to 110°C) and the very useful SmartEye Light Level Sensor (20,000 LUX) / Timing Sensor which we use for light measurements but also to measure speed and fast timing events. For example you can capture the frequency of fluorescent bulbs quite easily.
logit logger1.jpg
Would be happy to sell in batches of 2 or 3 if that is of interest. Please PM me for further details. Thank you.